Identify, Define and Speak Directly to your ICA

A deep dive on your ideal client so you can create content that converts

  • The components that go into a robust ICA profile...that you probably don’t know about


  • How to obtain data-driven insight on your ICA


  • How to articulate the difference you make in a clear and concise way so your ICA knows immediately that you are the right person to help them


  • How to make your area of expertise more relatable to your audience, and common mistakes entrepreneurs make when talking about their expertise


  • How to convert clients without feeling icky in sales conversations



You’ve likely done some work to identify your ICA (ideal client avatar), but chances are — you don’t know them in as much detail as you could.



Speaking from experience — every single one of our clients comes to us saying they know their ICA...and every single one leaves their program with a deeper ICA profile than they even thought possible — then go on to scale their businesses quickly. 



Knowing our ICA in a ton of detail has allowed us to: 


Scale to multiple six figures in our first full calendar year, with minimal live launching


Create successful referral and ambassador programs, to maximize in our clients' networks


Land partnerships with major media publications and national brands


And so much more. 



So, if you’re struggling with…


Getting in front of the right audience, or a big enough audience 


Finding leads that value you and your work


Articulating what you do and the impact it causes 


Making your work feel relatable to your clients 


Identifying the noble promise of your programs


Solving problems, teaching on things, and doing work that doesn’t actually excite you



You’re likely missing critical information on your ICA profile and this webinar is perfect for you! I’m going to teach you how to craft an immensely detailed ICA profile — that goes so much deeper than any work you’ve already done.

You’ll walk away knowing


The exact things your ICA profile is missing (that missing link!) that will make your audience apply to work with you


How to market yourself to your ideal client in a way that's focused on THEM, not you


How to increase engagement on your digital content (social media post, blog posts, emails, etc.) — and know exactly what to post about


What changes are needed in your message and programs to align with your ICA completely (creating irresistible programs for them and more working in your zone of genius for you!)

FRIDAY FEB 26th at 10a MST



Identify, Define, and Speak Directly to your ICA




Included in your registration: 


Live 2 hour webinar with Q+A at the end, replay of the webinar in case you can't make it live or want to rewatch it later, resources to help you better define your ICA: ICA profile and market research questions

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