Free Vision + Goals Webinar


Whether you've already planned your 2021, or you're craving new ideas to'll leave this webinar feeling inspired in your business, with a clear idea of what you want to create long term, and actionable direction to stand out in your space, attract your ideal clients, and hit your business goals. 

  • The fundamental concept you need to know to create a long-term business that leaves a legacy and supports your leadership.


  • Why having a 10-year vision for your business can help you overcome imposter syndrome and comparison.


  • Pia's signature guided a vision exercise to create a clear picture and plan of what you want for your business long term — despite uncertain times.


  • How to incorporate your vision and goals into your team documentation, business plan, and launch calendar.


  • How to set actionable, tangible goals (that won't get lost in a journal), so you can reverse-engineer your way to your vision.


  • The thing that will make your big vision more possible, faster — that most business owners are missing, and how you can get access to it.


  • ​​​​​​​Live Q+A about planning for the future of your business in uncertain times and how to grow your business rapidly despite unforeseen challenges!


You’ll walk away with


A clear vision of the business you want 10 years from now, and how you can start building it now

Actionable goals to reverse-engineer your way to your long term vision (starting this year!)

And a feeling of empowerment and excitement for the future of your business 

New ideas to stand out in your space and bring more creativity into your 2021 objectives

A recording of the vision meditation and the Curate Well Co. Vision + Goals tracker

FRIDAY JAN 22nd at 10a MST



Free Vision + Goals Webinar — including a guided vision mediation, plus workshop to write your goals!


Included in your registration: 


Live 2 hour webinar with Q+A at the end, replay of the webinar in case you can't make it live or want to rewatch it later, resources to help you clarify your vision and create your goals.

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